Blue Earth Review publishes fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry. We try to publish the very best submissions we receive.

Please include a brief author bio. with your writing.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted. We ask that writers notify us immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere.

We consider only previously unpublished work. If we accept yours for publication, we assume First North American Serial Rights. All other rights remain with the writer. Payment is two contributor's copies.


The Blue Earth Review publishes ambitious and exuberant works of short fiction, essay, memoir, poetry, and visual art that offer insight, complicate existing conversations, and enrich our understanding of what it means to be human in this increasingly diverse world.

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Our unique square format fairs best with shorter pieces that reflect our mission of dramatic impact in a small size. Submissions are capped at 4,000 words. Pieces longer than 4,000 words will not be considered.

We welcome all genres, including literary, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, surrealist, magical realism, and any others, or blend of others.

Please provide the title of your story when prompted for a title for your submission.

File types accepted: Word (.doc and .docx).

We are interested in creative nonfiction (memoir and personal essay) with contemporary themes. No literary criticism.

Though there is no specific word or page count, Blue Earth Review is most interested in essays that are under 3,000 words. We love nonfiction that works on more than just a narrative level. Surprise us with metaphor and layers of meaning. We can't wait to read your work!

Please provide the title of your piece when prompted for a title for your submission.

File types accepted: Word (.doc and .docx).

We consider poetry in any style.

Please limit poetry submissions to no more than five poems or 10 pages at a time, and place all poems in a single document. 

If you wish to withdraw just part of your submission, please send an email notifying us which poems are still available. Withdrawing the entire submission through Submittable will remove all of your poems from consideration. 

File types accepted: Word (.doc and .docx).

We publish full-color reproductions of a wide range of artwork: paintings, photography, woodcuts, ink drawings, sculpture, and more. Generally, we feature one work on the front cover plus an interior layout of several additional works and an artist bio and statement. Our preference is for groupings that display an engaging variety within some overall thematic unity, which highlights originality, the artist’s individuality, mastery of medium, and technical virtuosity. We publish in a small, square, focused format, so we gravitate towards works which transfer well to this size and elicit a strong, immediate reaction. Submissions must include at least nine and up to sixteen related images. You may submit up to twice a year. Editors reserve the right to select which of your submitted pieces will be published.

Donors at each level will be listed for the year and receive a complimentary subscription.

Donations of any amount are tax-deductible subject to IRS regulations.

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